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dental implants

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dental help, dental work: I am DESPERATE to find help getting 3-5 teeth extracted due to extreme pain, and

I am DESPERATE to find help getting 3-5 teeth extracted due to extreme pain, and others crowned/capped or extracted as well. I am only 26 and haven't been able to smile in 6 YEARS! :( I am in EXTREME pain! (I'm located in Michigan)
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dental implants, low income: I been looking online trying ro find a dental school or any place that offer

I been looking online trying ro find a dental school or any place that offer dental implants either for free or for low income. I had to have my teeth pulled about 3 years ago due to domestic situation and now I am wearing partials, which are uncomfortable and make me self conscious. I used to love to smile but now I can't even stand it. It has hindered my way of living. I just want to have my confidence back and get back into being active in my kids schooling & events. I only have MassHealth and am in Boston,MA. Are there any places to help me please.
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Financial Aid - Medical/Dental, Help for problems with teeth: I found this site through a search, when I

I found this site through a search, when I stared filling out the inform, I thought I was filling out an application for assistance. Just wanted to say hello to EVERYONE, and hopefully there might be some sort of help for all of us!
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dental implants, dental help: Im in need of dental work i only work part time and im stuggling to live but a

Im in need of dental work i only work part time and im stuggling to live but a smile i can not any one who can help?
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I am 32goin yrs old.i have 3to daughters 12,9,and4 i was in an abusive relationship now i

I am 32goin yrs old.i have 3to daughters 12,9,and4 i was in an abusive relationship now i am missing teeth and can hardly eat i have no insurence and am out of work at the moment im to young to have to go through this depression of not leaving the house and or smiling its a horrific thing to ever have to go through im in illinois is there anywhere or anyone who could possibly help me please i wish to libe my life happy thank you all for your time god bless
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I need free dental. I grew up in not-so-great conditions. Little money, etc, single mother, a sister with disabilities so money for the dentist was little to none. I am too young for this and am terrified I'm going to die from it. When I was 16 I got a few caps and root canals but my teeth have gotten worse and are starting to fall out/crack. I have tried brushing them since then hoping it'll be okay but I don't understand why it's gotten so bad. I have a job but could never afford to pay for the costs of what needs to be done. I'm desperate. Seriously, and I need help. Please let me know of anything that can be done.
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ogden dental implants

need dental implants have had problems with old dental fillings that have fallen out and teeth have fallen out or chipped. it is very embarassing i am only 47 and love to smile but need help, have some insurance anyone in ogden ut 84401 or can i apply for dental grant
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dentist dental implans

need recommended dentist to help with dental implants. i have some insurance medicare A & B, AARP,slmbd?any dentist that can help me
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Buck tooth lady who has no self esteem anymore

Hello, I am 45 years young, however my teeth would say otherwise because they are horrible. OK not as bad as some, but worse then others. I have always been known as buck tooth beaver and now my teeth are decaying and I do not smile very often anymore. I do work, I do have dental insurance that pays $1200.00 a year and I need more work then that, which I cannot afford. I have two reasons why I can't afford this, well three. First about three years ago I had to have a kidney removed and I am still paying on that. Second, This year my husband of 23 years passed away. Oh I so miss him. I am still paying on his bills, because even though he died they still want their money. And third, after my husband passed I took in two of my nieces ages 18 and 16. The 16 year old is pregnant. I have a bunch of medical bills that I just can't seem to get caught up on. So there fore I cannot afford to fix my teeth. Even though I always was teased about my buck teeth, I learned to just deal with it and had some self esteem. Well I guess stress affects your teeth too, because they have gotten so much worse since my husband went home to the Lord. I do not smile because people tell me how horrible, rotten and yellow my teeth are. They really do at 45. Come on! My self esteem, has no esteem. Please help.Dental implants would be nice, but this buck tooth girl will take what you can do. Thank you. Even if you can pay above my insurance and I can make payments to you. Thank you.
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pay it forward cat  

Dental desparation

I need dental implants. I am a reistered nurse and I take excellent care of my patients. I am conscientious and reliable. Perhaps I could exchange nursing care for dental work. I am open to suggestions. I was maimed by a dentist (periodontist) at stonybrook dental school; I have no recourse and am able to forgive him and move on. Thank you for hearing me!
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Need Dental Implants for Front Teeth

I just got laid off on Friday after 2 years of working. I applied for unemployment insurance, but I know that is not going to cut it. My biggest problem is my teeth. I am missing teeth on both sides right next to the front teeth. I don't smile anymore. I don't laugh anymore. My granddaughter is scared of me when I talk to her and I'm very depressed because of this. I can't get on government assistance because my unemployment is too much (which is a joke). I am 50 years old and how can I possibly go on interview looking like this. I need to get 4-6 implants on the top so that I can have more confidence in myself and turn back into the fun-loving person I used to be. Is there anyone out there that can help me with this situation? Please, I have a 12 year old daughter and she is embarrassed by me.

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Dental implants

Is there a dentist in the georgia area that needs a patient for implant practice? if so contact me

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please help

pleas please help me...i need dental implants ,,,i choked again last night so im done with food,its to reunion is comeing up and begging,prayers,groups,writing to every celebrity,congress person etc has not done any good....i thank everyone but listening but  i realized my prayers will NEVER be answered,i must live with the pain,the embarrassment and the infections my teeth are causing me.....

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wishing for a miracle

today is another day i am praying for a miracle for my mom....she needs dental implants like yesterday.....she choked again lat night because she cant chew.....she is a beautiful women and  has been mistaken as my sister at times....she has helped so many people in her life and now that she needs it there is noone.....i hate seeing her so depressed...where are all the angels in this world..... i have even offered to help pay people mom has given up many yrs of her life careing for her dad,my dad,and now her sister never asking for anything....time is running out,her highschool reunion is comeing up i want her to go with a big smile on her face....please is there anyone who can answer her prayers as she has answered so many prayers for others.....she needs these implants emotionally and physically...

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About ricdfarr


 over a year ago i had my the last of my 6 bottom molars removed, effectively restricting my diet to soft foods or partially chewed. i've lost 15lbs (i didn't need to!) and because i have resorted to chewing with my front teeth, and have broken number 7 to the root. this has been worked on locally, hopefully a successful procedure.

My problem is obviously 1,2,3 and the 14,15,16. i think these are the right numbers. would you consider a price quote for 2 or 4 implants? my insurance will not pay and i just can't borrow any more.

 my church has 2 orphanages in Haiti and i was thinking of coming down with a work detail the next time they come. I realize i don['t know much about the logistics but would you be able to consider my request for treatment. Please reply either way, yes or no.

yours truly


Ric D Farr

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About artsyred52

I am a 57 yrs old registered nurse living in Oregon. My dental insurance does not cover implants. I have had 2 consultations here in Oregon for 4 implants and the estimates are both around $15,000! Who can afford this? I have been taking care of others for 34 years and now when I need something I cannot afford it! A friend told me about dental care in Tijuana and Alcodones , Mexico. Does anyone have any personal recommendations for prostodontists in these cities? Thank you.

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Starshine   in reply to SysBot   on

Aidpage group discussing "dental implants"...

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My blog has some dental places and check with universities that have clinics training dentist

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ids DPlan10
use this code to save 10 off any dental discount plan

call 211 too

hope the blog helps some


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Aidpage group discussing "dental implants"...

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Sandav1   in reply to SysBot   on

Aidpage group discussing "dental implants"...

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Hi Scrapbooker,

 This is the first time I have notice you here!  Welcome!  I too have Dental problems.  Infact, I have been here since July 2007!  I was in terrible pain at the time!

You can look at my blog and there might be some things there that will help.  I was here before kat57.  Her and I had similar dental problems.

Sue Lear put me on a waiting list, but told me it would be about a year waiting for my name to come up.  And it was!  I am in the process right now of getting my Dental problems worked out.  I have had one surgery and I will be going the 24th of this month for the second surgery.  At this time they will put the inserts, set in the bone of my upper gums.

I have no idea when things will be completed.  Due to my living in a small town, I had to travel over 100 miles to the Dr. who would do the work.  It turned out that I have two different ones now in different towns!  What a mess!

I am so sorry to hear about your hearing!  That is just awful! I will put you in my prayers.  I have a long list these days!

Your work should go faster than mine once you have the Dentist.  I'm not sure, but I think they are going to put four implants in my upper jaw to secure a bridge type of Denture.

Then I go to another volunteer who will do the bottom Denture/Bridge!   I feel like I am at the mercy of the unknown!  

I wanted to tell you that you are lucky!  Sue told me that they are no longer taking any applications from northern California or Oregon!  So that is ONE thing to be thankful for!

Did your regular Dentist pull all of your teeth?  Why, if I may ask...did you have them all pulled?

I am having a lot of problems with Lymphodema.  All of my adrenal glands are acting up.  I have been on antibiotics for 4-5 yrs. now!  All the glands, and nerves in your mouth & gum area are very sensitive to what goes on in your head area.

With you having had a hearing aide before, I am surprised that your dentist pulled them all!  At one sitting?

Good Luck!  I will pray for you and check up on you to see how your doing :)  Nite, Nite for now   ~~Sandav1~~ 

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Aidpage group discussing "dental implants"...

Hi, I am feeling sooo bad for what I went through alot. I did not have nice smile. So, on October 2007 I went in Dentist and asked for to have all of my teeth pulled for dentures which I shouldn't have ask. I regretted but It's too late now. I will tell you what happened to me. After he pulled all of my teeth out for dentures. I lost my hearing. I did hear good with hearing aid all of my life until after he pulled all of my teeth out of my mouth. After that hearing aid won't help me hear anymore. I got really upset and I cried then I ended up got cochlear implant to get my hearing back. I hear "ok" with cochlear implant but I hear "better" with hearing aid. Well, I'm glad to hear something with cochlear implant better than nothing. I looked at my computer, it said sometime dentist work, bad bite or jaw misalignment effect cochlea hair cells. Wow, I didn't know that. Very Unlucky Me.

:(  and I am not even happy with dentures. It's worse than I thought. I only wear upper denture when I go somewhere. When I am home, I take it off. I don't wear lower denture because it hurt my bottom gum too much. So, when I eat, I won't wear upper denture, because I like to taste the food. It really pissed me off. I should have kept my own teeth even though I didn't have nice smile, then I would enjoy the taste and hear good with hearng aid. Too late now. It changed my life. I am waiting for Donated Dental Service to help me get implants attach dentures and remove the palette so I can taste sweet and food. I really hope I will get what I want as I have been going through alot and good things come to those who wait.....I hope good things will happen to me by get implants teeth or implants attach dentures so that way it won't move when I eat and it should be alot better. When  that's done, I hope I will be happy. I was soooo miserable and waiting for my name to come up on the list from Donated Dental Service. It's been a year in August. I called Susan Lear, she said she will call me in a year or a little over a year. oh boy, I am still waiting sooo long.....and have been praying for her to call me anytime or sooner than later and refer me to Dental in Vacaville that will do volunteer work for me. I really hope I will get what I want to have comfortable smile!

Thank you for reading me and hope you can help me.....

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